Synced Devices & Remote Wipe

To manage devices synchronised to your exchange account log into OWA using your Email Address and Password.

1. In the top right of the screen click 'Options' > 'See All Options…'

2. On the Options screen select 'Phone' on the left Toolbar.

3. You will now see currently Synced Mobile Devices including the Device Type and when it last synced. From here you can manage your devices including, but not limited to, 'Wipe a Device' (Remote Factory Reset) and Removing a Synced Device ('X').

Each selection will simply ask if you are happy to proceed and the results of the activity will reflect in a refreshed Device List.

Below we have removed the Device using the 'X' leaving an empty list.

Sync And Device Wipe in Webmail (2016 Environment)

To manage your synced mobile devices log into your Webmail, enter your username and password, navigate to options (cog icon) then click general, mobile devices (as highlighted below)