Here's a how-to explaining the process of changing your email password by using Outlook Web Access 

5 Steps total

Step 1: Navigate to your Outlook Web Access page

Open your web browser of choice. In the address field, type the email server address given to you by your administrator.

Webmail Link

Step 2: Use your existing credentials to log into Outlook Web Access

Using your existing Windows credentials given to you by your administrator (or ones that you have been using up to this time), log in by entering your information into the provided fields.

Step 3: Once logged in, find and click 'Options'

Find the 'Options' link toward the upper right of the Outlook Web application and click it.

Step 4: Click on 'Change your password'

Find the text "Change your password" and click it.

Step 5: Change your password

Follow the directions to enter your existing and new passwords into the provided fields.

When complete, click the Save button in the lower right to apply your changes.