The world around us has changed rapidly over the past months. People and businesses are navigating through a minefield of data to protect themselves and create a ‘new normal’ which will see us through the foreseeable future.

At Central London IT Consultancy Services, business continuity is in our DNA and the COVID-19 pandemic will not change that. As a tech company, we are in a fortunate position of having skills in-house that can help to mitigate the impact coronavirus will have. We already work flexibly and have always been fully prepared for situations that can cause disruptions to your business.

Central London IT Consultancy Services is not slowing down, but we have made some changes to the way we work following government advice to ensure our number one priority, will of course remain the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers.

Our hybrid mix of on-premise and cloud infrastructure ensures that we can still deliver all of your services, whether by remote working or utilising our skeleton team remaining in the office, to minimise face-to-face contact. Correct ‘social distancing’ and hygiene measures have been implemented to ensure our office is a clean and safe place to work. Although our team is working across different locations, our communication is strong – in fact we’re talking more now than we do in the office!

We’re fully geared up to continue to support our clients largely as normal, ensuring their business continuity plans are in place and effective during these challenging times. We are, when required, working onsite with clients to support ongoing operational issues. Our teams are adhering to the government’s recommendations as well as any additional measures in place on specific sites.

As part of an extended community, we need to support one another during testing times so if you have any questions, would like any advice or you think we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Take care and stay safe.