Are you concerned that your small business doesn’t have the right IT Support it needs? Perhaps you are considering a more structured service from a trusted, proactive IT Support compny?

That’s why we have developed our IT Support For Small Business offering. Our IT Support is not only reliable and effective; we’ve also made sure to constantly monitor your systems and provide implementable proactive suggestions to help your business continue to grow and thrive. We help reduce your downtime, keep your processes streamlined, and make sure your IT Infrastructure is healthy and working for you.

Our IT Support for Small Business Packages include:

  • Unlimited calls to our help desk
  • Unlimited call-outs to your sites
  • 24/7 proactive server and network monitoring
  • Dedicated proactive Account Management
  • Service Level Reports
  • New technology advice
  • Office 365 Video Training Web App
  • Ad-hoc project services as preferential rates
  • All for a fixed monthly fee

Here at Central London IT Consultancy Services, we provide our clients with a full-service IT Support package – this means that your entire IT Infrastructure and Setup is managed, monitored, maintained, and improved on by us, each and every day. As a business-owner, IT should be the last thing you need to be worrying about.

For most people, IT is something that is quite foreign to them, so having the help of experts on hand at any time of the day is a huge help for most business owners. The ideal situation would be for you to trust your IT Provider enough to let them manag

Here at CLICS's, we have clients of all shapes, size, and industry – but the majority of our client base falls into the small business category.

Our IT support is designed to be a full-service package. In other words, you will receive all of the critical IT services needed by any business, with no caps on usage, as well as a portfolio additional proactive services. We pride ourselves in taking a proactive approach to all our services. For example, we won’t just fix things as they break – in fact, much of the time, we will monitor, detect, and fix things before they become known to you. We believe that this is the kind of support that users deserve in today’s workplace.

Why choose Central London IT Support Services for your Small Business?

We have been providing IT support to small businesses for more than 18 years now – in fact, we started out as a very small business ourselves. We understand as well as anyone can that, as a small business, you need things to run smoothly to grow your business, especially your IT. This is our commitment to you and, with a 97% customer satisfaction score, we deliver on that commitment. We are a Microsoft Partner. Whether it’s Full IT Support or Remote IT Support that you need – we can help.

You will be pleased to find that our services come at a fixed monthly fee. Not only will this make your budget very clear, but it reflects our commitment to giving you the most efficient and timely service available.

As a small business, you might have an IT manager, or a small IT department, but in an ideal world, IT should be the last thing that you are worrying about. This is why we offer our  IT Support for Small Business package – because IT support is our company mission, and we can manage that for you, letting you do whatever it is that you do best. We can preside over the setup of your IT infrastructure, as well as maintain, manage, and monitor it on an ongoing basis.



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